Mommahood Update Months Zero-Four

I don't think there is a movie, book, or conversation with another mom that could've prepared me for mommahood. Nothing could've prepared me for Siah screaming at the top of his lungs although he is dry, fed, burped, and nowhere near sleepy. Nothing could've prepared me for the many times I've gotten peed on or the numerous times Siah has waited until I've taken the diaper off to poop everywhere. Nothing could've prepared me for the many times throughout the day that I've gotten spit up on, scratched or headbutted. Nothing could've prepared me for Siah waiting until I've taken his diaper off and placed him in his nice warm vibrating bathtub to pee. Most importantly, nothing could have prepared me for the crooked smile and little chuckle Siah gives me when he looks at me, or the immense amount of love I feel for him. 

Being Siah's mom is the best thing that has ever happened to my life because he filled a void that I never really knew was there. Watching him go from my little jaundice having premie to the 14 pound rolling and babbling four-month-old baby he is today has been incredible. 


Our first month together seems to have flown by. Initially, it was difficult for me to connect to Siah emotionally, so I just fell into a routine to get through our day to day life. I’d wake up three times of night to feed and change him, nap when he napped during the day, and read his baby bible stories to him at night. Before I knew it, the emotional attachment had grown and I’d gotten into the grove of mommahood. 

Month one of mom life came and went and then we were off to month two.


When Siah turned two months it was time to take him to get his first round of immunizations. I prepped him by giving him the recommended amount of Infant Tylenol, which really helped keep the little fever he got from the shots down. Siah did great! He was growing and developing as expected for a two-month-old and our premie days were far behind us. Siah was holding his head up (as much as he could without it bobbing) and way more alert than the month before. When Siah hit about two and a half months things started to accelerate a bit. He hit a growth spurt causing him to eat way more and he began teething. Just like month one, month two came and went and we were onto month three. 


Once Siah hit month three his development took off like a rocket! All of a sudden he was holding his head up with no support, smiling when he wanted to smile, laughing at anything he thought was remotely funny, and giving me the sweetest drool filled kisses. He’d began to really enjoy tummy time (before I would have to trick him into tummy time using his boppy), and he was finally rolling from his tummy to his back! Seeing him roll for the first time was PRICELESS, I was of course way more excited than he was because he may have been slightly confused. Siah had begun sleeping through the night without waking for anything and I was LOVING it, although he’d wake super early to eat he’d go right back to sleep. His babbles were starting to come more frequently, especially during the evening where he’d gladly talk as loud as he could at the top of his lungs for as long as he so pleased. I personally don’t believe in going “goo-goo gaga” to my baby, so I entertain his conversation with complete sentences and lots of giggles.  

Siah waited two days before he was officially 4 months to roll from back to front. 


Thr big four! I count four months as a major milestone for Siah because he’s accomplished so much in four months. He started out his 4 month birthday by rolling! I mean he rolls everywhere. I can literally lay him down, turn around for fives seconds and when I turn back around he has not only rolled over but has moved to a completely different spot. Four months came with an uncontrollable amount of drool causing Siah to have a drool rash on both his chest and under his chin that I could only treat and clear with a little Cortisone 10 thanks to the steroid it has.  I also purchased some Tommie Tippie bibs that help to really protect his skin from his drool.

Four months also came with a new milestone ... eating puréed foods! I started Josiah out with Gerber’s Organic Rice Cereal for a few days before Introducing Gerber’s Organic Oatmeal Cereal. Once Siah got acclimated to eating his cereal from a spoon, I introduced Yellow Squash which I cooked and puréed using my Baby Bullet by Magic Bullet and he is now eating Butternut Squash (it’s sweeter than yellow squash so he loves it!). Once Siah finishes his last batch of butternut squash I’ll introduce the green stuff! Although I haven’t decided which green veggie to give him first. My goal is to get him all his veggies before I introduce fruit (since most babies love fruit). 

Another milestone for Siah is that he’s started reaching for people he wants (although he usually reaches for whoever is standing or moving around so that he can see). He’s also become so extremely observant, using zoning in on objects and whatever is playing on the tv. I bought Siah a Baby Einstein Sea & Explore Walker from Target and am now implementing time in his walker into his day to day (we’re trying to get on a schedule).

Mommahood so far...

Mommahood so far has been amazing. My favorite part is watching him grow and learn about the world around him. Now that he's a little older I can really start taking him out to explore the world we live in. it's really amazing to think that just a little over four months ago I was prepping to be induced with a lot of thoughts in my head about what mommahood would be like. I never doubted that I would be a great mom, but I was a bit nervous about what my baby would be like and what I would be like as a mom. I am proud to say that Josiah is an amazing, inquisitive, calm, and happy baby boy and I am a laid back, loving, caring, nurturing momma ready to tackle month five and beyond.

A glimpse at Siah's growth  


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