Momma's Night Out

I’ve been attached to Josiah for seven very long yet rewarding months and finally got the chance to spend a night away from his cute and lively self to really have some fun! If I'm being completely honest I never knew just how much I needed some time to myself, some time with my husband, and some time with other adults until I was all dressed and ready to head out. This past weekend my husband was a groomsman in his friends' wedding so I had the pleasure of attending as his plus one. I've honestly been waiting for months for this weekend to finally get here so I could get all dolled up and attend our first big event as a married couple (did I mention we hadn't seen each other in six months so I was definitely missing him) since we hadn’t done much together after getting married last year. 

I started looking for an outfit for the wedding the first week of May (read more about my outfit here) and was having the hardest time finding something that fit my postpartum body the way I wanted it to fit and that I felt was flattering.  Finally, I settled on a little fit and flare cami that I thought was so cute! I got my makeup professionally done by a well known celebrity makeup artist in Dallas,Tx (who I also interviewed for you guys), sprayed on my MAC “Creme de la Nude” perfume, rubbed on my Fenty Body Lava, put my nude pumps on and headed to the beautiful wedding venue with Lou. When I tell you I had the most fun that I think I’ve ever had! I danced, I sang, I got lit in the classiest of ways! It was truly a blast. Lou and I got a hotel room for the night at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Dallas so that we could have some alone time before he headed back to where we are stationed (I’ll be joining him soon & announcing our new location). 

It’s so important as moms to take time to enjoy yourself. We have to be there for our children and significant others all the time, sometimes to the point of sheer exhaustion. So when we get time to just cut loose and wind down we have to cherish those moments because they can often times come so few and far between. I want to get into the habit of having time to myself while I am in the early stages of Mommahood so that I can not only keep my sanity and inner peace but so I also don’t lose myself in the world of Mommahood. 

Have you had any momma nights out lately? If so what did you do?  Let's chat!



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