How Being A Stay-At-Home Mom has Made Me LAZY

I’ve officially been a stay-at-mom and wife for one year and six months (unofficially for two years because I stopped working during my pregnancy but was still getting paid THANK GOD!).

I’ve been working since I graduated high school, with my first official job being a waitress at a restaurant called Black Eyed Pea, then I worked my way through college once I moved into my own apartment and had to start paying my own bills because my parents weren’t in agreement with my life decisions at the time. If anyone had dared to tell me that being a stay-at-home mom was anywhere in my future I would’ve laughed at them. I like to make my own money, and being cooped up in a house all day barefoot and pregnant just isn’t me at all (no offense of course to anyone who enjoys that particular cup of tea). However my circumstances over the last year and a half have been way different from what I could have ever imagined.

Life has a funny way of working out in the most unexpected ways


My husband was in training for the military pretty much the entirety of my pregnancy, really only coming home for Josiah’s birth and Christmas. I stayed with my parents the first eight months of Josiah’s life before finally relocating to Vegas to join my husband. Seeing that we were/are in a new city completely isolated from family we haven’t been comfortable with the thought of putting Josiah into daycare, hence why I am a stay-at-home mom.


When I say that being a stay at home mom has made me lazy I don’t mean in the sense that I casually go about my day doing and accomplishing nothing, because being a full time mom and wife is a job in and of itself. When I say being a stay at home mom has made me lazy what I mean is that it’s caused my procrastination flaw to peak and become more apparent than ever. I’ve put things off since I could remember; choosing to do projects at the last minute in school “because I produce my best under pressure”.

Since I am building a brand and building something I can take pride in while also being a full time stay-at-home mom I have to create for myself the structure I would have if I was working 40 hours a week and building this brand on the side.

Being a stay at home mom is forcing me to deal with the fact that I lack time management skills and that I lack discipline. My drive and determination are never lacking but the effort required for success is not at 100% and that is a serious problem. I had an epiphany the other day, I realized that the only time in my life that I’ve failed was when I didn’t give something 100%. If I am going to be a stay-at-home mom I have to move and live each day with purpose (which is something everyone should do). I have to create my own structure, not just for myself but for Josiah. I can not continue to set goals for my day but not fully accomplish them because I wanted to take a three hour nap. I have to plan and execute. I have to produce in order to flourish. I have to get it together, and quick.

Being a stay-at-home mom has made me lazy

But that doesn’t mean I have to or will stay that way.

As always thank you for reading! I enjoy sharing my journey with you!