Self Care: A Conversation for Wives, Moms, & Women

I’ve had the concept of self care completely wrong this entire time. I like many others have been considering quick one party dates to the coffee shop, movies, or restaurant as self care. I’ve been considering trips to the nail shop receiving lavish pedicures with oranges being massaged into my legs and fresh acrylic tips and dip applied to my fingers as self care.

While those things are very much so forms of self care, self care is so much more

Self Care is an extra five/ten/fifteen minutes in the shower with steam fogging up the windows and the water so hot no man can stand it but, it’s perfect you.

Self Care is binging all eight seasons of Game of Thrones because you’ve been busy being mom and it feels good to escape into a fantasy world if only for an hour…or eighty hours.

Self Care is putting the kids to bed, brewing some hot tea or having a glass of wine and just catching a breathe after a long day of being needed.

Self Care is going to the gym and completely zoning out to Lemonade for an hour.

Self Care is lighting your favorite candle, applying a face mask and listening to your book of the week or month on Audible.

Self Care is putting on lingerie for you; because it feels good and because you deserve to go to bed looking like the queen you are.

Self Care is taking a minute to just enjoy the quite after a long day of your kid running, jumping, and bouncing around everywhere.

Self Care is enjoying the entire pint of ice cream that you know you don’t need, but you deserve it because you are a mom, a wife, a woman.

Women are the heart beat and soul of any home. Give a woman a house and she will give you a home. On our worst day we can still get up fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner, take the kids to their appointments, clean the house, and do whatever else needs to be done. Women are the backbones of a family. We are naturally nurturers.

But we have to remember to nurture and care for ourselves. If you can get away from the house to get that mani and pedi, add a few minutes to your shower, then do it. If you can’t make it to the coffee shop, then fix yourself some lavender hot tea. Relax. Breathe. Find the time whether it’s one minute or twenty to take care of you. Because if we don’t find the time to take care of us we really aren’t much good for anyone else. Will we soldier on regardless? Of course. But, we should make self care a priority. We should make ourselves a priority.

How do you plan on making yourself more of a priority?

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