Our 18 Month Update

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on our life, so let’s get into it. Josiah is officially 18 months as of May 7, 2019 and man things have really changed . All of a sudden he has developed this booming personality where he knows what he wants and is not afraid to communicate his wants, needs, and desires to his dad and I. He will literally grab his shoes for us to put them on him, with or without socks, and walk to the front door to go outside no matter the time of day or the weather. His speech is also gradually developing, we’ve graduated from grunts to sounds that are similar to the words we say to him (i.e thank you, which sounds like taaaann ouu). Josiah is developing into an intriguing, technologically advanced, determined little boy.

I’m pretty sure that I need to purchase some more running shoes to keep up with him because when he walks it’s a cross between a sprint and speed walking.

Josiah is growing up before my eyes and half the time I don’t know what to think or do about it. I kind of wish he’d slow down but I know that isn’t how life works. My baby is literally mumbling little words. waking up in the morning and sounding out ahhh and baaa in his crib to his teddy bears. Josiah is feeding himself with his little spoon, while making a complete mess, he’s cleaning up to the clean up song, trying to sweep the floor with an over sized broom, trying to brush his own hair, and using his potty from time to time.

Gone are the days of him simply eating, sleeping, and pooping. Now it’s climb here, run there, touch this, and grab that. He even makes the kiss sound after he gives me a peck on the cheek or tells me “naa” which means no when I ask for a kiss.


Life is moving fast, sometimes way too fast for my comfort.

For now, I am focused on soaking up as many moments as I can with my little ray of sunshine. My days are consumed with replays of Super Why over and over again, walking into my freshly cleaned living room to find Mega-blocks everywhere, having dance parties, and reading Bible stories. For now, I am trying to hold on to every sweet moment we have together because as each day passes Josiah grows older.

I know growing up is inevitable, but gosh! 18 months already?

I love being this little guys mom. He’s such a cool human, and I am excited to see him continue to grow!

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