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Being a mom is honestly one of the most rewarding yet challenging things I've ever had to do. I'm a dream chaser, a visionary, a creator, and dream chasing and creating is actually pretty hard when you have a baby who needs your attention and who hollers at the top of his lungs if you so much as attempt to leave the room without him,  notice I said hard not impossible. Now let's add all of that onto the fact that I am wife and have a house to run. Since relocating to Las Vegas, Nv I've been working tirelessly on trying to get both Josiah and myself on a consistent schedule so that I can actually get all things that need to be done in one day accomplished. Being that I work from home, and make my own schedule a lot of times I push my blogging off until the very end of the day which no longer works for me because I'm usually tired or just want to relax after a long day of chasing after my super busy nine-month-old. Our schedule as of lately has been as follows: 

  • 7 a.m - 8 a.m: Siah wakes up for his morning bottle, I roll out of bed to fix it and give to him, he goes back to sleep and I do as well.  

  • 10 a.m: Siah officially wakes up for the day, if I am unable to get out of bed because I am absolutely slumped,  Lou gets up and entertains Siah until I can manage to open my eyes. 

  • 11 a.m: I get up, fix Siah's breakfast,  and either myself or Lou gets him fed and his messy clothes changed, we try to let him self feed depending on the meal.

  • 12 p.m: Since we just moved to Vegas I've had errands to run. But now that we are settled this has become my time to hit the gym which I've managed to do thrice now YAY!

  • 1 p.m-2 p.m: We wash dishes if there are any, we all hop in bed to get some quality time in, or Lou heads to the gym before work. 

  • 3 p.m: Lou heads to work, Siah eats lunch, and Siah either roams the house in his walker, plays in his room, or jumps around and climbs on the couch until he is finally ready to nap. 

  • 4 p.m: Usually by this time Siah is ready to take his nap, so I join him because he sleeps longer if he lays with me and I still hold true to the "nap when your baby naps" rule. Now, of course, I could be checking things off my to-do list but if I don't nap with Siah he usually sleeps for fifteen to twenty minutes tops, thirty if I am lucky. 

  • 6:30 p.m: Siah and I wake up from our nap, I give him a snack, throw on his hard bottoms, and place him in his walker. 

  • 7 p.m: We head outside for his evening walk to the park. It allows him to burn off some energy, and get his legs moving to help build strength. He also enjoys swinging on the baby swing, until the sun goes down and we walk back home. 

  • 8 p.m-9 p.m: I take off Siah's shoes, clean both them and his walker, clean out the bathtub, fix and feed him his dinner, and give him a bath.

  • 9 p.m- 9:30 p.m: Siah plays in his room to help him burn whatever energy he has left before I transition him into his pack n' play as I clean up the house. 

  • 9:30 p.m - 10:15 p.m: On a good day, I'm able to wash the dishes and get the kitchen and dining room clean and sweep and mop while Siah plays in his pack n' play. On a bad day, I'm able to at least get some of the dishes washed and get his toys picked up. 

  • 10:15 p.m-10:30 p.m: I fix his night time bottle, put him in his crib, read his bible story for the day, turn on his worship music on his Ipod, pray with him, and leave him to drift off. 

  • 10:30 p.m-11:30 p.m: Now is my time to move through the house like Flash getting everything clean and tidy, if I was unable to do it while Josiah was awake. If I was able to get it done, I shower and fix something light to eat because by this time I am starving and have only managed to eat one time during that day. 

  • 11:30 p.m- 2 a.m: I get as much done for my blog as I possibly can before Lou gets home and we head to bed. 



My daily routine isn't terrible but I am working toward becoming more efficient in my use of time. So instead of staying in bed when Siah initially wakes up I am now starting to go ahead and get up out of bed so I can get started working on things that need to be done for my blog. That way I am not stuck at the end of the night when I am tired or when Siah has decided to not go to bed on time and instead goes to bed two hours late or when I still have household chores to complete to devote crumbs of my time to my passion and my business. I also want to give Siah more time to crawl around in the safety of his room, without me being on my phone trying to accomplish tasks. 

I don't want to be an absent parent while pursuing my dreams, and I also refuse to give up on my dreams because my schedule is a little hectic at times. I believe anything can be accomplished when you manage your time wisely and efficiently so that is what I am striving to do. 

What do you do to manage your time effectively? Comment below and let me know! Also, subscribe for updates on future Mommahood Blogs!

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