Year One of Mommahood

The saying  “it takes a village” is the God’s honest truth when it comes to raising children. For the first eight months of our journey as mom and baby, Josiah and I stayed with my parents so that I could soak up all the parenting knowledge needed to make sure Josiah was okay. The day finally came in August for us to trek 17 hours away from everything we’d ever known to join my husband in Vegas. Since ariving to Las Vegas, Nevada my nerves have calmed significantly. Thanks to my village I am more than ready for this new life of mine and anything I don’t know my village is one phone call away. 

This first year of momming has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve learned how love, how to be resilient, and how to think quick on my feet. As each day passes Josiah is growing and developing in ways that completely blow my mind. He’s one years old and already very sure of himself, aware of his wants and needs, he’s able to express those wants and needs, and he’s extremely intelligent and adventurous. My baby is growing up before my eyes.

Time is flying, it seems like just yesterday he was on an eat, sleep, and poop schedule, but now he’s skipping naps and heading to the playground either on foot or on his Paw Patrol four wheeler.  


Mommahood has completely changed my life, the way l think, and the way I move. I honestly can’t remember what life was like before my sweet baby was placed in my arms.

Sharing this journey with you has meant the world to me. I look forward to what’s in store next year! 

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