How We Met

I remember being a little girl thinking that whenever I met the man I was going to marry it would go a lot like the romance films I’d seen. We’d meet somewhere like the neighborhood coffee shop and upon first locking eyes he’d smile at me, & I would shyly smile back. We wouldn’t exchange words right away, instead I’d rush out late for work, thinking to myself “I wonder if he felt what I felt”, after thinking about it, I’d brush it off as just another minute encounter with a handsome fella.

A week or two would go by with me stopping by the coffee shop subsconciuosly hoping, praying, wishing, that I’d brush shoulders with Mr.Handsome again, until finally giving up hope and realizing it was a one in a million occurrence. Then one day, maybe a month later, I’d walk into the coffee shop, not paying attention at all to my surroundings and I’d bump into Mr.Handsome spilling his coffee all over him. I’d look up and realize it was Mr.Handsome and begin apologizing profusely with the most mortified look on face before turning to make a quick exit.

Mr.Handsome would run after me placing the blame on himself, and insist that I have dinner with him sometime. We’d exchange numbers, begin to chat frequently, and go to dinner. At the first dinner we’d learn enough about each other to know that it’s meant to be. One dinner would turn into two, two into three, and three into meeting the family, before being proposed to and saying I do. Then we’d live Happily Ever After.


When you’re a young girl watching A Cinderella Story or any other romance film it’s easy to get swept up into thinking your love story will end up like what you see depicted on film. If I had to pick one romance film that depicted how my husband and I ended up married, it would be a cross between Brown Sugar and Love and Basketball.

It started in Biology Class at Cedar Valley Comminity College in Lancaster, Tx, I walked into class and sat down toward the back of the class to begin hearing the professors lecture. I glanced over toward the front of the room to see Lou sitting there, seemingly uninterested in what was going on around him. We didn’t speak, we didn’t make eye contact but I was curious about him, “what’s his story?” I thought. I quickly let any questions of the mysterious guy at the front of the classroom exit my mind and carried on with my young college life. Some time later as I was skipping class to get a last minute assignment done, I ran into Lou in the library. Once seeing him, I approached and sparked up a conversation about how we’d both clearly failed to do the assignment and were now trying to get it done, then Lou asked me why I still had an Android. That casual conversation turned into an exchange of phone numbers, which turned into frequent texting, late night phone calls, frequent hang outs, and eventually heartbreak.

Okay, I’m being dramatic it didn’t end in heartbreak but, after realizing Lou wasn’t serious about a relationship I decided to severe ties. After our parting Lou moved to Nebraska for school. and I moved to Denton,Tx to attend Texas Woman’s University. After a few months I reached out to Lou to see how he was and before we knew it we were talking to each other here and there building a friendship. Then she happened… I entered a relationship with he who shall not be named, and Lou enetered a relationship with someone as well. We continued to converse ever so often until his then girlfriend decided she didn’t want him having any female friends.

I’ll never forget the summer I was at my grandmothers house. I sent Lou a text one day asking how he was doing and how his girlfriend was doing. His response was that they were doing well, then he sent another reply stating that “for the sake of his relationship he and I could no longer be friends”. I sat on my grandmothers couch completely dumbfounded and hurt. Thinking “I would never do someone like that”, “how could you dismiss a friend so easily”. After venting to my mom about it, I let it go and proceeded to live my life one friend less. About two or so years went by without us speaking, then one day out the blue he sent me a message apologizing for the incident.

I wish I could say that things immediately went back to the way they were but they didn’t. We’d speak every now and then but nothing like the way we did in the past. Then my heart was broken by he who shall not be named, and for some reason the first person I called for advice was Lou. I quickly learned that his relationship had ended at the same time as mine, and that he was moving back to Dallas,Tx. He literally became my shoulder to cry on until I was completely over my breakup. Our friendship had rekindled and we’d become somewhat thick as thieves.

One night early in December, we decided to go to Starbucks in Park Place to grab some coffee. During our conversation Lou expressed his feelings to me, & the rest is history.

Our story is nothing like the romance of the coffee shop I mentioned earlier on, but it did at some point involve a coffee shop LOL & I’m okay with that.

Everyone’s story is different, some people meet and it’s love at first sight, some people like my characters at the coffee shop, and some people meet like my husband and I. No matter how you do it, let love find you.

As always, thanks for reading!