Love & Marriage: The Introduction


Love is a truly beautiful thing when you really sit down and think about it, there are many types of love, we have love in faith, love in friendships, love in a family, and love in relationships. I've been thinking a lot lately about the love I've been fortunate to be surrounded by and I am at a place of gratitude. I look at the way God loves me despite my flaws and failures and I am appreciative. I look at the way my parents have loved me even when exercising tough love and I am grateful. I look at how deep my sister loves me and I become emotional. I look at how my son loves me for simply being his mother, his nurturer, his security blanket and I am amazed. I see the way my husband loves me by the way he looks at me and cares for me and I am in awe. I think love is a cacoon that can't be defined with just a Webster Dictionary definition because it far exceeds the words used to define it.

This category is going to explore love, not just romantically or intimately but the full scope of love in the world that we live in. My inspiration for introducing this category stems from two places, first I love, love but I also have a hard time loving, although when I do love, I love hard. Part of the reason-loving is hard for me is that just as many other's I've been hurt by those I love, whether those people have been family, friends, or romantic entities the hurt was all the same.  I am at a point in my life where I have addressed my hurts and aches and dealt with those things and I am now ready to explore love and all it has to offer. Secondly, I am inspired by a lot of media sources, "Love is ___" on OWN by Mara Brock Akil being one of them, which has prompted me to explore all the things that love is, and as I explore the many things that love is, I want to share them with you.


Marriage is new to me, although my husband and I have been married for a year we've been in a long distance marriage which can be looked at as both a good and bad experience. So as we learn about each other and how to make our marriage work and last I want to share our experience with you. My example of what marriage looks like and is supposed to be comes from my parents, but what I've learned after coming out of my bubble is that everyone doesn't think the same, and everyone doesn't view marriage and the way a marriage should run the same way. Your marriage is what you make it, it will function the way you and your spouse want it to function. So as we define our marriage I'll be sharing some of our intimate moments with you. 

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