Camp Gladiator Month One

As you know (if this isn’t the first blog you’ve read on my site) I’ve been working on living a healthier lifestyle since the beginning of the year because that’s when I was cleared to begin being active again after having my son. I started out going to the gym when I was able to and really felt like I was nowhere near reaching my goal of dropping the baby weight and getting back in shape. Someone I know bought up Camp Gladiator in conversation so I figured I’d give it a try. Now initially I was a bit taken aback by the price of Camp Gladiator (which is at least $70 per month depending on which duration you sign up for) but they were running a special which allowed you to pay only $20 if you attended at least ten hours of camp. Sounds easy enough right? Well life happened and it was actually harder than I thought to get those ten hours in but I made it through. 

Week One: Endurance  

 Did I mention that I started the year out at the gym? So going into my first day of camp I thought I was at least somewhat prepared ... in which I was ... at least a little bit. Jeremy (one of the trainers) had concocted the most absurd workout where we pulled tires and did some pretty intense mat workouts in between pulling more tires and running with fire hoses. I left day one of camp feeling like I’d just signed up for what could only be described as insanity ... but I loved every minute of it. I made it through endurance week feeling like my workouts at the gym had been a waste of my time and that CG workouts would definitely get me where I wanted to be. 

Week Two: Agility  

After making it through endurance week (barely) I was pretty excited to tackle Agility week. Brandon (the trainer I go to the most) had concocted an insane and I mean INSANE workout that left me sore and tired. Somewhere along the line, I thought it would be a good idea to pair my CG workouts with the gym and I was definitely wrong because I ended up so sore that the thought of a workout would make me cringe. In just two short weeks I was noticing something different about myself ... I was now able to push through a workout and I was beginning to feel healthier and a tad bit more in shape. 

Week Three: Interval

Interval week was different for me. I was only able to make it to one workout before coming down with a cold the rest of the week. So that particular week was far from productive. 

Week Four: Peak Week

Peak week was hell! I was a week behind on my workouts and needed five more to reach my goal of ten hours so that I would only have to pay $20 dollars for Camp. Honestly, peak week wouldn’t have been as bad had I not been sick and barely eating the week before which caused me to become extremely light headed each time my pulse raised. That setback caused me to be low on energy and made have to really pace myself through the workouts which were a combination of all of the prior weeks. I honestly didn’t think I would make it through five workouts in one week but somehow I did, and I was feeling better than ever.  

My Thoughts on Camp Gladiator  

Overall I definitely prefer CG over going to the gym. I don’t know why ... maybe it’s because I’m being “trained” on what to do and what my form should like, causing me to have a better workout than I would alone in the gym. I remember my husband telling me that a lot of people go to the gym to “workout” but really aren’t doing anything I’m which I completely agree. I wasted countless hours at the gym not really doing anything when I could’ve been at Camp Gladiator really working out and really reaching my goals. If you’re able to, I would highly recommend giving Camp Gladiator a chance. The workouts are challenging yet rewarding, the trainers are great, and you’re able to do unlimited workouts. I’ve completed one month and am moving onto Month Two of my CG journey. I’ll keep you posted on my progress! 

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