Hello 2019

To my readers,

Well, let me start by saying Happy New Year! I’m excited to be back with you creating content, sharing stories, and getting to know to you better. If you’re a loyal reader I want to say thank you for your commitment to this blog, if you’re new here I want to say welcome & make sure you subscribe for all the good stuff coming this year!

I’ve used the first three weeks of this month to update some things on the blog and to get my life together because I’ve grown tired of disorganization and am aiming for more productivity in my life.


No resolutions, Just goals

You know how people say New Year, New Me? Well, I’m not much of a fan of that saying because I just feel like change, true change, doesn’t happen because a clock strikes 12’ & you enter into a New Year. I think that change happens in wee hours of the night when you make a decision to do a thing and you begin to put in the effort to see it done. Which is why this year, I threw my resolutions out the window, and actually began working on my goals last year. My goals this year are not complex at all, they are simple straight forward and I’m looking forward to checking them off as the year progresses. A few of my goals for 2019 are:

  1. Feed my spirit daily

    I’m carrying over one of my goals from last year, into this New Year. Last year my goal was to read Bible more, this year I’m taking it up a notch. I’m reading my Bible everyday thanks to my Daily Walk Bible that I ordered off of Amazon. I’ve also incorporated a daily devotional. I haven’t missed a day so far.

  2. Stay Organized

    Organization is imperative to my success because I struggle from mom brain, wife brain, and any other brain you can think of. I literally can think of something and have the most brilliant idea but if I don’t write it down or put it in my iPhone notes I forget. So this year, a big focus for me is being more organized, through use of planning, taking notes, and structuring my day.

  3. Be Present

    Being a wife, mom, and entrepreneur takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes it honestly feels like it takes more time and energy than I actually have to give, I’m literally sleepy as I type and it isn’t even 4 p.m yet. This year one of my biggest focuses is to be more present in my personal relationships. Being present means that instead of turning on a movie for my son and fiddling around with my phone to get things done, I toss my phone aside and actually watch the movie. Being present means actually interacting with my friends and family. Being present means being and living in the moment, so that’s exactly what I’m doing this year.

  4. Live a More Authentic Life

    This year another big focus for me is authenticity. I want to be authentic in my interactions with you, with people I come across, with my family, but most importantly with myself.

  5. Read More

    I use to read a lot growing up, it was my favorite pass time and my books of choice tended to be fiction. Nowadays I’ve been reading more self help and business books. With a busy one year old it’s hard to find the time to sit down and actually crack open a book so I’ve been using audible, which makes it so much easier to read.

The goals listed above are just a few off of my list for the year. What are some goals that you’ve set for yourself?

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