The First Gals That Brunch Las Vegas- Brunch

Gals That Brunch was officially launched in June 2015 by Tiffany Accardi who’d just moved cross country for work to a city where she knew no one. Tiffany was seeking community amongst women so she launched Gals That Brunch. After successfully launching 55 chapters Gals That Brunch has officially launched a chapter in Las Vegas, Nv and I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Brunch.


I met all the beautiful ladies of the Gals That Brunch Las Vegas Chapter at 7th & Carson in Downtown Las Vegas, Nv this past Sunday for a brunch filled with lively conversation and busy pigeons. Much like the founder of Gals That Brunch I have moved cross country from Dallas,Tx to Las Vegas and am looking to connect with women in all walks of life. I’m hoping to gain a true sense of comradery and build genuine connections. Networking and getting to know people has never been difficult for me, however this time around I’m in a big new city where the only people I know are my husband, my child, and my neighbors and I barely know them.


Over good food at 7th & Carson and bottomless mimosas my table mates and I talked about love, life, and family. With what I would estimate were at least about 30 women in attendance we each had the chance to mix and mingle. The only interaction I really have on a day to day basis is with my husband, my one year old son, and my family through FaceTime, so it was refreshing to get out of the house, off of the Air Force Base and around other women.

The first Gals That Brunch Las Vegas was truly a success and I look forward to the next Brunch in February!

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