Clean Eating Detox


At the start of the year, I began to transition from eating meat (excluding pork) to strictly eating a pescatarian diet in an effort to not only shed my baby weight but to also indulge in new and healthier lifestyle choices. That was not a hard task for me because beef, chicken, and turkey are not things that I crave really anyway and I watched What The Health on Netflix which made my decision even easier. Also, I like seafood so I would much rather eat crab legs and veggies over other meats any day. Toward the end of February I decided that I'd start a strict detox for the month of March, however, I didn't want to wait until March 1st to start when I could begin as soon as possible. So on February 23rd, I announced via social media that I was officially starting a 37-day clean eating detox in which I would only consume my pescatarian diet, hot tea, and water with no cheat days in between. 

Week One

This detox has been rather challenging for me already. Giving up the drinks that I rarely even drink for water hasn't been hard, what's hard for me is snacking. Although I don't snack often, I do snack and enjoy the luxury of being able to grab something that may not totally be healthy for me like Traditional Chex Mix or Baked Hot Cheetos, whenever I feel like it. So here I am officially one week into my detox ready to confess that I've stumbled. Up until March 1st, I was doing so good! Like y'all would've been proud of me! Although I wasn't meeting my goal of a minimum of eight bottles of water per day (I've been drinking about five or six) I was doing really good by not consuming anything but baked, boiled, or sautéed seafood and veggies.

Then March 1st crept around and all of a sudden I wanted a snack. So I made the conscious decision to go to the store and get myself a bag of baked hot Cheetos and a sweet tea ... TWICE! However just because I stumbled doesn't mean I am going to give up on my detox. I'm committed to finishing out the remainder of the month strong with no more slip ups! Going into this new week I want to kick my detox up a notch by substituting green smoothies for two meals every day for the rest of the month. I know that seems a bit ambitious, especially when I've already had a slip-up but this isn't anything I haven't done before so I am confident that I can do.

Week Two

Isn't there a saying that says "it's not how you start, it's how you finish"? That saying definitely applies to me at this moment! So this past week wasn't as rough as Week One of my detox, but it also wasn't a walk in the park either. This week I began to feel as though I'd underestimated just how hard it is to truly commit to a detox that doesn't allow for any cheat days. Like I said before, I don't eat terribly as is but I do enjoy being able to indulge myself every now and then in things that are not entirely healthy. One of the biggest differences for me this past week was that I was midway into a cheat day and made the decision to stop, throw the junk out, and tough out the rest of this detox. I'm drinking more water, I've added my Hot Tea back into my routine, and am snacking on nuts when I need to have a snack. I've kickstarted Week Three off, and am feeling great about finishing my last two weeks out. 

Week Three

Ah, finally week three! I'd be lying if I said this detox wasn't kicking my butt! My goal this past week (as it's been for the previous weeks) has been to increase my water intake and to incorporate more smoothies into my day ... and so far I've succeeded! I'm so happy that next week is my final week doing this detox because I want some Starbucks lol.

Fourth & Final Week

These last few weeks have been some of the hardest weeks I've ever enocountered in terms of health and wellness. I fell short of my detox many times but I continously recommited until the very last day. What I learned over these last few weeks is that our bodies don't crave things that are bad for us until we consciously decide to no longer ingest those things. Going forward I plan on making more health conscious decisions so that I can adopt a healther lifestyle.

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