A World Away: Exploring Cozumel, Mexico

I remember visiting Cozumel last year and not really being able to enjoy it because I was more than pregnant with swollen feet and perishing from the unbearable heat. This time around proved itself to be quite different though. My husband and I arrived to the island of Cozumel,Mexico via. our Carnival Vista cruise ship eager to explore the island.

Our first stop was food over at Ernesto’s Fajitas about a ten minute walk from the port. If ever in Cozumel this place is somewhere you absolutely have to visit, you can find out more about it on the foodie blog. After leaving Ernesto’s we headed across the street to find a clean public restroom.


While walking through the market there was a guy with two parrots who was allowing multiple pictures with your own camera or phone for only ten dollars. That’s probably the best ten bucks I’ve ever spent! It was so exhilarating holding those birds, it’s something I’d never done before but as I grow older I find myself becoming more adventurous. Even though I have to admit I’ve never really been “chicken” I’ve just always swayed toward more cautious with a slight adventurous streak.


After my experience with the parrots we headed to another marketplace full of various shops with handmade trinkets and souvenirs.

Our final stop in the marketplace took us into a shop full of “designer purses” where the worker there, his name escapes me, offered us shots of tequila. I was hesitant at first, but then I figured “when in Rome” LOL. That was literally the smoothest and only shot of Tequila I’ve ever had. We took our shots and headed back towards the Carnival Vista at port.

This trip to Cozumel,Mexico was full of fun and adventure. I’m literally counting the days until our 2019 vacation.

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