A World Away: Exploring Mahogany Bay Roatan, Honduras

I was extremely excited to visit Honduras because it was a new place I’d never been to and I’d learned quite a bit about it in my High School and College Spanish classes. Unlike Belize, I was sure that Honduras was a Spanish speaking country and was excited to put my limited Spanish speaking abilities to the test, because I was quite rusty.

When entering the Port of Mahogany Bay Roatan, Honduras we were greeted by this big beautiful Mahogany Bay Roatan sign surrounded by neatly kept shrubbery that was nothing like what the rest of the island was inhabited with.

After walking around the port to find food we wandered into the market portion of the port where locals were selling handmade goods and crafts to take as souvenirs.  

There was so much to choose from, from handmade necklaces, to t-shirts and rum cake. Lou settled on a t-shirt. I found this really cute little turtle that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to purchase or not.


Before leaving the port I read up on the history of Mahogany Bay Roatan, Honduras. It was interesting to learn that Roatan has such a rich history from having Indian inhabitants initially to Columbus coming to seize the land and bring African Slaves to mine it. There was also a power struggle between the natives of the land and England who wished to seize control, however due to a treaty signed by both the U.S.A and England neither countries could control the land.


Roatan is now an island dependent on tourism with cruise ships and planes bringing thousands upon thousands of tourists their frequently. Roatan is beautiful and majestic and mysterious. I loved visiting and hope to go back soon to really see it all.

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