With the end of the year approaching it’s easy to put our goals off and say “I’ll start at the top of the year” or “I’ll make that my New Year resolution”. But in the words of my dad “Why put off what you can do today for tomorrow?”. In other words why wait to get it done?! I’ll admit that sometimes, I am can be 👑 Queen of procrastination, but I’ve been working so hard to stop that habit because it’s a terrible trait to have and it stifles productivity and progress. So anything I was thinking of putting off until next year I am doing now: i.e 🗓getting more organized 🙏🏾 praying and reading my word daily 👓 learning more & 🥗 getting back healthy. I fall short more times than I’d like to admit but I pick back up and try again. I’m not waiting for anything, I’m doing it now. ❓What do you need to commit to before the New Year?