Lunch at Shake Shack

I’ve decided to make it a point that at least once or twice a month, Josiah and I will get out the house and try some “kid friendly” food. Josiah is only one so I limit the things he eats but I want to start introducing new food he might enjoy to him. First up on our list of Mommy:Son dates is a visit to Shake Shack.


About Shake Shack + The Shake Shack Menu

Shake Shack originated from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, in Manhattan to support the parks first art installation in 2001 where Shake Shack remained until 2003. In 2004 Shake Shack opened a permanent kiosk in the park. Considered a modern day “roadside” burger stand, Shake Shack serves the most delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer, wine, and more. (per the Shake Shack website)


When you first walk into the Las Vegas North Premium Outlet Shake Shack, the line snakes to the left with a huge menu on the left side wall. Once you browse over the straight forward, easy to comprehend menu you go over to the order counter where cashiers take your order. After choosing which type of burger you want, in which there are six options, and choosing whatever else you’d like, you pay and wait to be buzzed to the pick up counter to grab your food.


By the time I got Josiah and myself set up at a table we were being buzzed to get our food.

Shake Shack Food

I ordered the Shack Stack which is a cheeseburger and a Shroom Burger (crisp fried portabella mushroom filled with melted Muenster cheese and cheddar cheeses) topped with lettuce, tomato, and shack sauce with extra shack sauce on the side. I ordered Josiah a cheeseburger with just meat, cheese, shack sauce, and bun as this was his first ever cheeseburger. For both of us I ordered cheese fries and a Salted Caramel Custard Shake.


The food was fresh, made to order, and delicious. The highlight of my burger was the Shroom Burger because the batter for the Shroom Burger has seasoning and the melted cheeses inside gave a beautiful burst of flavor. The meat patty itself was… eh… but it was fresh and the Shake Shack sauce helped a ton with flavor. The cheese fries were really really good, they covered all the fries with cheese which is always a plus for me. Surprisingly I really like the Salted Caramel Custard Shake, I’m normally a chocolate girl and I don’t stray from what I know. But in the spirit of truly exploring food and menus I got something new and loved it.

Josiah liked his burger, loved his cheese fries, and loved loved loved the Shake.


Final Thoughts + Did Shake Shack break the bank?

The customer service at Shake Shack is impeccable. One of the girls working there helped me out a ton and for that I say Thank You. The freshness and quality of the food is amazing! The portion sizes are rather small but that fits with the theme of the restaurant.

Did Shake Shack break the bank? In total with our military discount Josiah and I spent about $24 between the two of us for food. I’d say that the burgers are a little overpriced for their size but not overpriced for their quality. The beef Shake Shack uses is vegetarian fed and humanly raised, everything is cooked fresh and given to you and the service is great so for that I’d gladly pay what we paid for food again.

Josiah & I recommend Shake Shack!

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