Best Eatery in Belize City, Belize

One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to try all kinds of different foods from the various places I visit. My main goal when visiting Belize City, Belize recently was to find some authentic Belizean food, like authentic authentic, not the run of the mill tourist spot. When traveling to the island I asked one of the guides where we could get some good down home authentic Belizean food, and he referred us to a run of the mill tourist spot.


Once I got on the island I tried my luck again, and asked a security guard where I could get the real stuff from. He referred me to “Ms.Patty’s” which was just outside the port and within walking distance. When we approached we were greeted by the sweetest Belizean woman who was none other than... you guessed it... Ms.Patty! 


Upon approaching, we asked what were the options in which she not only told us but showed us each thing she’d cooked. The choices were pigs feet and turkey prepared in a blend of spices and herbs, plantains, red beans & rice, and a side salad.  

Since I don’t eat pork we opted for the turkey which automatically came with the red beans & rice, plantains, & side salad. 


The food was bomb! It was seasoned beautifully and I felt like Ms.Patty really put her elbow in it. I didn’t eat the salad, or the skin of the meat because it was soft and I have this thing about baked soft skin on meat that I detest but it was good nonetheless.  

I was really surprised that the food they eat is really the same food we eat in the states. I think I was expecting something exotic, but I wasn't disappointed in the least bit. 

If you are ever in Belize City, Belize I implore you to check out Ms.Patty’s!