Carnival Vista’s Jiji’s Asian Kitchen

My favorite Food Experience of 2018 is undoubtedly JiJi’s Asian Kitchen by Carnival Cruise Lines.

We went to JiJi’s Asian Kitchen on a cruise casual night, at 7:30 p.m. I’d reserved our time for dinner the night before. Once arriving to JiJi’s Asian Kitchen we were asked where we wanted to sit and promptly sat down by our waitress. We were then given our menus and told to mark our orders on the the order menu that lay in the middle of the table. The waitress also explained to us that each dish on the menu came from a different part of Asia and that our food would be served family style. Which means that we’d each order an appetizer, main dish, side dish, and dessert, and the food bought to the table would be enough for the entire table.


For $15 per person we ordered potstickers and crispy duck for our appetizers. The potstickers were pretty good but the crispy duck stole the show for me. I dislike eating meat with soft skin so when I order meat with skin I always ask for it to be crispy. Hence why I probably fell in love with the crispy duck. It was delicious! The flavors burst in your mouth and the crispiness gave just the right amount of crunch. The crispy duck was served with it’s own sauce that really elevated the flavor of the dish.

Our main dishes include chili shrimp that were grilled and tossed in a really good chili sauce lending just the right amount of heat, spice, and sweetness. We chose fried rice as our side for the chili shrimp. The fried rice was really good, full of fresh ingredients, and cooked to order. For no extra charge we could’ve added shrimp or chicken but we chose to get plain fried rice which is a decision we later regretted. Our second main dish and side was beef short ribs with gravy and lo mein. The beef short ribs were DELICIOUS! They literally melted in your mouth and we’re jam packed with flavor. The lo mein was good.

I ordered a green tea martini to drink. Initially I didn’t know what to expect from it but it had a zesty lemon and honey zing to it that I enjoyed, it felt like I was drinking cold green tea. I wasn’t disappointed at all by it. For dessert my husband and I both ordered the crepes, they were filled with an Asian frozen desert custard, which caught me off guard because of the brain freeze I incurred. After adjusting a bit, I quickly realized that the crepes were BOMB lol.

The entire JiJi’s Asian Kitchen experience was amazing. We left wishing that their was a location in the states. You can’t beat $15 dollars for an amazing experience, superior service, and a mind blowing dining experience.

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