Best Honduran Port Food

When arriving to Mahogany Bay Roatan, there were two things I knew for certain, the first was that it was extremely hot, and the second was that I wanted some real authentic Honduran food. While I couldn’t do much about the heat I could do something about searching out some Honduran food. I was a little sad when I realized that there was no way to get anywhere in Honduras on foot because it’s an island inhabited almost entirely by trees and vegetation. However there was one gem that was in walking distance according to some of the locals working in the port so we headed there.


It was a small blue shack with no name, and none of the women working there spoke English, but I think it was owned by a woman named Gloria. Since my Spanish is a little rusty I was so happy that there was a local there who worked at the port and agreed to translate for us. We ended up ordering four chicken tamales and a plate with barbecue chicken, plantains, rice , and potato salad. 

The barbecue chicken was good, it was just basic barbecue chicken with herbs and seasonings . The plantains weren’t the sweet plantains we had in Belize, they were more earthy and fried hard. The rice was good, I think I tasted some saffron and some other seasonings in it. I wasn’t a fan of the potato salad, but if I’m being completely honest I could be biased because I really only eat my mom’s potato salad. 

Had I realized how big the tamales were (maybe I should’ve asked before ordering) we would’ve only gotten two. The tamales were actually really good, they were as authentic as you could get for Honduran cuisine on the Port of Mahogany Bay Roatan. The chicken in the tamales still had the bone it so we had to eat around it and I definitely needed more hot sauce, because I love sauce y’all, it’s worth the extra calories LOL.