Plugging into God

 God has to be the main ingredient of your life.  

 God would rather have consistency then sporadic spurts of us going all out.  

  •  God wants us to be a marathon Christian, not a sprinting Christian. 
  •  No matter what is going on we need to stay connected and devoted to God.  

 Ephesians 4:12 NLT  

  •  God wants us to mature in him.  
  •  Difficult situations were never supposed to be lived without God‘s power to help you.  
  •  When we pray and worship we exchange with God.  
  •  We should understand that we pray and worship because it is our connection point to what we need from God.  

When we come unplugged from God things in our lives seem OK for only a moment. 

 What is draining you?  

  •  God doesn’t want us to live two lives.  

 God can only change what you acknowledge needs him.  

  •  The problem is that people are plugged into prayer and worship but are not plugged into the word of God.  

 Get the word before you get prayer and worship.  

2 Peter 1:3 NLT - John 1:1-14 NLT

  •  God is the word and our Bible is God.  

 If you want God to speak read his word.  

  •  Don’t make plugging into the word a religious experience that makes you feel better but there’s no change.  

John 6:63 NIV  

  • The Bible is authored by God but written by men. 
  •  When God speaks a word he doesn’t just speak a word he gives power within that word to complete what he asked you to do.  
  •  When you read the word it’s not just words you are reading it’s God‘s power.  

 God’s word supplies us with the breath of God to complete what he’s called us to do.  

 Dead things live once God breathes in them.  

 God’s word is spirit.  

 Hebrews 4:12 NLT

  •  God wants our heart.  
  •  God’s word judges our thoughts and attitudes.  
  •  God wants to transform us from the inside out.  
  •  God wants to take out of us what no one else can and put in us what no one else can.  

 When you read the Bible you’re not just getting information you’re getting power to do the information.  

  What makes the Bible come alive? 

1. Faith activates the word of God. Hebrews 4:2 NKJ

  •  Faith is the supernatural power to believe in something.  
  •  The Christian walk for so many is bitter because we are not mixing it with faith. 

2. Revelation activates faith.   Luke 1:34 NIV -Luke 1:37 NTV 

  •  Revelation is revealed truth.  

No word from God will never fail. 

  •  Revealed truth makes us believe what God says.  

 God wants to give us his divine power.  

3. Meditation activates revelation. Joshua 1:7-8  

  •  Meditation is when you slow down to get in the quiet place and read the word/hear the word of God.  
  •  Meditate on God‘s word so you can be prosperous and successful.  

 There is scripture for everything.  

 Don’t be distracted from the word of God.  

 Our life is supposed to stay charged up. But it only happens when we plug into the word of God.  


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