Power Source

Getting into the presence of God is a discipline of devotion.

Devotion is when you love, are loyal to, or are enthusiastic about a person, activity, or cause. 

  • It's not that we cant be devoted to other things, God just wants us to be devoted to him first. 

  • God has to be in the first spot and then everything else can flow. 

  • Many of us go after things instead of the King. 

  • Love is an action word

  • If you are a Christ Follower you are supposed to be devoted to God. 

  • Ask yourself are you devoted to God? 

God can never move you from a place you don't acknowledge you're at. 

  • Devotion is not a religious ritual, it is a relationship responsibility. 
  • Even though life changes our connection to God can never change.

Devotion should be consistent, not based on situation or need.

Jesus uses parables to explain Big Truths in ways people can understand. 

  • God has placed something on the inside of us that has the potential to touch the world, 
  • There are things on the inside of us that hasn't been tapped yet. 
  • We were bought with a price.

Our potential is of no use if we don't connect to the power of God.

We need power to live this life!

Life is real but God is realer. 

God is our power source. 

  • Access to power does not mean that you are plugged in. 
  • Coming to church does not plug you into the power source, it's what you do after you leave. 

Three attributes of God's power:

1. God's power is dependable. Hebrew 1:3 & Isiah 40:8

  • We can have everything in this life if we connect to God. Psalms 18:30
  • Plugging into God is the most dependable thing we can do. 

i.e. praying, reading your word, worshiping, being enthusiastic, and displaying your love and loyalty.

When you really understand what God can do for you, you won't go looking for other things to plug into. 

2. God's power is transferable.

  • God will give us power through his word to participate in his divine nature. 
  • That's why the enemy fights us when we try to get in his word.

God will wreck our dreams for his purpose.

  • You don't have to speak in tongues to get the power. 
  • If you stay plugged in long enough your functionality changes. 

3. Gods power is available.

2 Timothy 3:1-5


Mathew 6:33 | 2 Peter 1:3 | Hebrews 1:3

Isaiah 40:8 | Psalms 18:30 | 2 Timothy 3:1-5




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