Don't Be "Holier Than Thou"

Remain Humble

How many times have we heard someone tell us to humble ourselves or to remain humble? I think the amount of times those words have been spoken are way too many to count.

If you have been keeping up with my Faith Journey thus far, then you know that I’ve been striving really hard to read my Word daily, and grow my relationship with God. In my efforts to do this, I’ve found myself at times turning my nose up to those who are “worldly” as if I myself wasn’t once in similar shoes making the same questionable decisions. I had to check myself, hard. The only one who has the divine right to cast any kind of judgement on anyone for the way they live is God.

I think that one of the biggest turnoffs for people “in the world” when it comes to church is the fact that “church people” and “religious people” cast judgments they have no right to cast. We are supposed to:

Love the person; Hate the sin

But what I see a lot of people doing is the opposite. We hate the person and the sin. If we are to love as Jesus loves, we have to learn to guide people, and let people see Christ in us by speaking truth in love.

No one is holier than the next person, and the only one without sin is Jesus.

I’m working fervently on remaining humble, teachable, and learning to truly walk in love. I fail a lot of times, but I’m constantly trying. Let’s remember to be humble and not think that we are holier than anyone else.

Remain HUmble


As always I’m so thankful to you for taking the time to read this blog and walk this journey with me.