I've been doing it all wrong (Bible Plan 2019 Update)

As you know (if you aren’t new to the blog, if you are new then welcome!) at the beginning of the year I started a new Bible Plan that consists of me reading the Daily Walk Bible which is a one year Bible as well as a 365 day devotional by Joyce Meyers called Trusting God Day by Day. I started out my year fully focused on keeping up with my readings each day, and making sure to catch up if ever I fell behind which has been plenty of times (I’m actually behind as I write this). It wasn’t until the other day when it dawned on me that I’ve been going about my Bible Plan completely wrong. I’ve been focused on reading the Bible in a year and completing the devotional but I haven’t been fully soaking in and studying what I am reading.

I am fully aware that each time we read the Bible, God will reveal something new to us, so I’m not to worried about catching everything right now. I just want to make sure that during this season of reading his Word that I am not just flipping through the pages and highlighting things that stand out, but that I am instead studying and focusing more on spending time with God and in His presence than simply getting through the Bible and my devotional in a year.

By the end of the year I want to be able to say that I am truly closer to God because I have not only chosen to read His Word to better understand Him, but because I’ve also taken the time to bask in His presence, seek His face, talk to Him, and let Him work through me and in me.

As always thanks for reading! Stay Blessed!