He Loves Us

One of the things I’m most grateful for is the fact that God loves me so much that he sent his son to die for my sins, because I’ve had plenty of them and because I am imperfect just like you, and had Jesus not given his life for me I’d be somewhere making a thousand sacrifices the way God instructed Moses and the Children of Israel. I’d be making wave offerings, sin offerings, and so on and so forth but God knew of man’s sinful nature so he helped us out.


How do i Know god loves me?

Coming to the realization that God loves me hasn’t been an easy one, and that love has been extremely hard to realize and recognize during times of hardship in my life. As I write this all I can think of to explain myself is Marvin Sapp’s song “Never Would’ve Made It”, because that’s how I feel. I know God loves me because in the deepest darkest times in my life, times where I should’ve and could’ve died, God’s hand kept me. I live every day knowing that without God I never would’ve made it as far as I have, and I won’t make it any further.

God’s is love. His love is amazing, His love is gracious and merciful. I hope that everyone is able to experience His love.

No matter what situations we face in life, we should be at peace and know that God’s word never fails, His love never fails, he will never leave us or forsake us.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I hope it blessed you in some way.