5 Keys to Identifying Your Soulmate

This week in our Sermon Notes, I'm bringing you a sermon from Pastor Toure Roberts on what you need in order to identify your soulmate.

  • God is a God of purpose, intentionality, and vision.

  • God wants to be involved in every area of your life, especially relationships.

Psalm 1:1

  • The key to blessing is figuring out how to align yourself with other people.

Your company will either promote your life, compliment your life, or slow you down.

  • What derails destiny people more than anything is relationships God never intended them to be in.

Relationships can distract you if it’s the wrong one.

Nothing can compare to a soulmate relationship

You attract who you are

  • Evolve your soul before God brings you a soulmate.

    A Soulmate is a person God has chosen for you before the foundation of the world to compliment you and to complete his purpose in you and to ensure your potential being realized.

  • Two types of relationships: the one God put you in & the one you put yourself in.

  • Two types of marriages: the one God put you in & the one you put yourself in.

  • Divorce isn’t the problem, marriages God didn’t join together is the problem.

  • Make sure before you get married that this is the person God has chosen for you.

    Who God has chosen for you is all about purpose

  • Love doesn’t lead you, a revelation leads you.

  • When God has chosen someone for you he’s already factored in the fact that the two of you will compliment his purpose for you.

    Five things you need before considering marriage and recognizing your Soulmate

  • Whatever you do, everything has to have a purpose.

  • Dating is “well let me see” no one has time for that.

  • When you know you know, and when you don’t know that’s not it.

    1. Chemistry

  • Chemistry is when you connect with someone, but that doesn’t mean that’s your Soulmate.

  • You can have great chemistry with 50 people, so just because you have it with one person doesn’t mean that’s your Soulmate.

  • You need chemistry because you can’t move on to Number Two without it.

  • Don't be a slave to your chemistry.

  • God will allow chemistry to let you know if that’s your Soulmate.

    2. Connection

  • There is something that’s drawing you to that person.

  • There is a desire to be together.

  • There is a sense of a need to be together, but that need has to be qualified.

  • Still doesn't prove it’s your Soulmate

    3. Wholeness

  • What does it mean to be whole? You're whole when all you need is Jesus.

  • What happens when you are co-dependent and you get in a relationship, then you get whole? Your relationship becomes irrelevant

  • A Soulmate does not fill a void.

  • Soulmates are meant to compliment.


  • If you feel empty without your Soulmate, that’s a problem.

  • If you aren’t whole you will sabotage a Soulmate.

  • Tori Kelly’s “Dear No one” should be your mantra to set you up for your Soulmate

  • You don’t seek a Soulmate out, God presents them to you at the right time when you are ready.

  • Sometimes God has to grow you up to match the Soulmate he has for you.

    God put Adam to sleep to show that Adam did not produce Eve. God presented Eve to Adam.

    What connects you to your Soulmate is not looks, sex (which you shouldn’t be having), or money; it’s about the spirit.

  • Love at first sight doesn’t exist. It’s Love at first Hear; because that person will open their mouth and express something that communicates that persons spirit.

  • The body will fade.

  • That spirit will feel like it’s been with you all your life.

  • If it’s a Soulmate you can let them go. You don’t have to hoard a Soulmate, you can let God take it & if they come back, that’s the one.

  • You don’t have to fear losing a Soulmate.

    4. Divine Comfirmation

  • You need a Word from God.

  • You should feel the presence of God when you’re together.

  • God will always confirm that it’s your Soulmate.

    5.You have to have a Sense of Purpose

  • The last thing you want to do is get married and find your purpose.

    What happens if you wake up one day and you’ve discovered your purpose?

    Then Either you or that person will sacrifice their purpose for the marriage so the marriage becomes more important than the reason they were born, or you have to sacrifice the marriage for purpose.

I hope these blessed you! As always I recommend listening to the sermon for yourself! Thanks!