2019 Bible Plan

Drawing near to God encompasses diving into his Word daily, and applying the Word of God to your life. A few years ago, you couldn’t pay me to willingly get up out of my bed between 5:30 a.m and 8:00 a.m to read the Bible or do devotional.

Oh how times have changed


I’ve gotten to the point to where if I don’t spend time in presence of God, reading and meditating on his Word, I feel empty and go throughout my entire day thinking in the back of my head how desperately I need to get into my Bible. Last year my goal was to simply read the Bible more, I did so using the YouVersion Bible App, and the devotionals I read were also sourced from the app.

This year, my goals have shifted a bit to what I think is for the better. I’m reading the entire Bible this year, which means that each day I wake up and read a few chapters from a Book in the Bible. I’m happy to say that I’ve actually completed the entire Book of Genesis, and will be beginning the Book of Exodus (by the time you read this I will deeper into the Book of Exodus). My dad has spoken highly of the One Year Bible, but for my goals this year I decided to use The Daily Walk Bible NIV.

I love The Daily Walk Bible because it lays out a certain number of chapters for you to read each day. The Daily Walk Bible is arranged into 366 readings so that the Bible can be easily read in the course of a year. When beginning a new reading you are given an overview of the reading for the day, a chart that maps out the main idea of the scriptures, and insights that offer facts and application. Every seventh reading you are given a chance to pause your readings look back at the weeks reading and look up to God for reflection.

I’m pairing my daily Bible readings with Joyce Meyers “Trusting God Day by Day:365 Daily Devotions”. Each devotional provides scripture, text relating to the scripture, and application.

I am really enjoying the time I’m spending with God, and I’m enjoying reading my Bible. I’ll keep you guys updated throughout the year on how everything is going!

I hope you enjoyed this Faith Blog!