The Grace of God

Grace is defined as:  

the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.

We have all done our fair share of dirt, whether in the past or in the present yet God still continues to show us his grace and mercy. Is that not amazing? 


Thank God that no one on this earth has a Heaven or a hell to put me or any of you in, because if they did we would probably be there already and thank God I don’t have a Heaven or Hell to put anyone in as well because, I would if I did. I have a problem sometimes, well a lot of times extending grace and forgiveness to others if I’m being completely honest. It’s hard for me a lot of times to give people a pass on their unnecessary and unwarranted antics, just as I am sure sometimes I work people’s nerves as well.

A great example was my most recent flight to Vegas from Dallas via Southwest Airlines, in which I was traveling with Josiah alone as I so often do. Well this time was a little different, I was a bit more prepared, and was way more vigilant when it came to getting on the plane with Josiah in my arms as well as my very heavy carry on bag and his baby bag on my back, and his two blankets. Our flight landed in Las Vegas, Nv around 6:56 a.m and I immediately sprung into action putting Josiah’s coat on, getting my things out of the overhead bin and prepping to get off the plane with as little hassle as possible, and without holding everyone behind me up from getting off of the plane themselves. I looked up and noticed that I could make a quick and speedy exit off the plane because none of the passengers near me were really moving, and I honestly was dying to get to Josiah’s stroller so I could lessen my load and extend some grace to my back. So I scooted down the aisle saying “excuse me” to anyone I may have bumped into and right as I reached about five rows from the front of the plane this lady looks at me, steps out into the aisle and proceeds to get her things out of the overhead bin. As if she didn’t see me literally struggling with a busy baby in hand and a hand full of bags and blankets.

So I say: “excuse me ma’am would you mind if I just get by you quickly before you pull your things out”

The woman looks and me and scuffs, before obliging.

The scuff I ignored, but then her sister/friend/whoever chimed in to say “that’s why you remain seated until it’s your turn to leave the plane”

In which I respond, “well as you can see I have a child in my hands, as well as other things, I’m trying to get out of the way, and get to his stroller”.

I have to be honest, she had me messed up, and I wanted to let her know just how messed she had me. How dare she speak to me like that? I would have never said something like that to anyone, as a matter of fact no one would have had to ask me to let them pass with a hand full of things and a baby, but everyone isn’t me right?

That entire exchange of words could have been avoided had I (1) just waited to get off the plane (2) practiced what Jesus has taught by turning the other cheek, extending some grace, and forgiving her for speaking to me in the tone that she did without feeling the need to go back and forth.


That was a moment of weakness for me. I have this thing when it comes to people talking to me rudely that causes me to get snappy, I don’t curse, but I do make sure that they know not to do it again. I extend zero grace, and although I forget… barely, I very seldom forgive completely.

But aren’t we all, for the most part anyway, like that? Are we really defending ourselves against people or do we just not want to be perceived as weak for taking the “high road”.

At some point I have to be real with myself, how am I to ask God for grace and mercy and to forgive my transgressions. when I can’t extend the same love, grace, and forgiveness to others? What example am I setting for my son?

I know what you’re thinking, “he’s only one so he had no clue what was going on, on that plane”, you’re right maybe he didn’t, but I’m sure he felt my shift in energy when I began exuding negativity and attitude.


When I go before God, I want to go knowing that I tried my hardest to love as Jesus loves and to apply the Gospel of Jesus to my everyday life. Will I be perfect when I sit before God’s throne? No. That’s why Jesus died for me, for my imperfections, but I will not use his sacrifice as an excuse to carry on the way I have done in the past, to harbor an unforgiving hardened heart, and to not extend grace and love.

A lot of times extending grace is easier said than done, trust me, I know it is. I’m going to do it anyway, and so should you.

I hope this Faith Blog blessed you, feel free to drop some feedback in the comments!