Over the course of the last year I’ve learned a lot about myself while working on my faith walk, and I’ve learned a lot about Christ in studying scripture and listening to sermons. Even with everything I've learned I still find myself entertaining insecurities and comparing where I am in my life to others. I've been listening to the ”Planted Not Burried” series taught by Pastor Micheal Todd of Transformation Church, and something he he said sparked a thought:


We live in a society where information is overly accessible and just by logging into social media or reading the latest news headline we can see what everyone is doing and what they have going on in their lives. Which causes us to compare ourselves, our lives, what we have and don’t have, and what our neighbors have going on that we don’t. Before we know it, jealousy has crept in and instead of being happy for others we are wishing for their demise all the while undervaluing what God has placed inside us. 

Although I haven't wished that anyone would fail, I have played the comparison game many times. Each time it has left me feeling unqualified, undeserving, limited, insecure, and unable to do the things I was put on this earth to do.

I just finished a devotional on insecurity, what it taught me was that believing that I'm not good enough will keep me from living my fullest potential. 


I also learned that comparing myself to others will rob me of my own gifts and opportunities, which is completely accurate. Have you ever ”lurked” someone's social? I have, many times, but what could I have been doing with that time that I was ”lurking”? I could've been reading, writing, planning, spending time with my family, praying, napping, the list goes on. 


Moving Forward  

Nothing happens overnight, but I am going to be really intentional about the thoughts I entertain and the way I spend my time going forward. As each second passes, I am reminded that my time on this earth is not forever. I don't want to waste it by checking to see if someone else's grass is greener than mine, or by doubting who I am.


Don't let comparison steal your joy and rob you of your future. I hope this blessed you!