I saw the trailer for SuperFly while watching tv one afternoon and was immediately intrigued by what the film was about. I have a thing for ”Gangster” movies especially those linked to the Cartel and other Drug Lords and bosses whether they are fiction or non-fiction; I can't exactly explain why but I love them, I always have and probably always will. Maybe it's because of the grit and realness the actors and actresses bring to the roles or maybe it's because I have a fascination and am astounded by the fact that drug lords are real operating human beings within our society. Whatever the reason is, just know that I love them and anytime one comes out I'll be right there watching and critiquing. 

The original SuperFly film was released in 1972 starring Ron O'Neal did well amongst viewers, although I have to admit I've never watched the original and intentionally didn't watch it prior to seeing the remake so that my review of the film would be completely unbiased. The remake which is directed by Director X who has directed high budget music videos for artist such as Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z, and more; stars Trevor Jackson who is best known for his roles on KC Undercover (Disney Channel), Black-Ish and Grown-Ish (ABC & Freeform), Burning Sands (Netflix), American Crime (ABC), and numerous other shows, commercials, etc. The film also stars Jason Mitchell known for his role in Straight Out of Compton as Eazy-E and his exceptional role in Mudbound (Netflix), Micheal Kenneth Williams (The Wire), Lex Scott Davis (The First Purge-July 2018), Kaalan Walker (Kings), Andrea Londo (Narcos), and other notable actors and actresses. 

Jackson who was the protagonist in the film played Priest, a young successful drug dealer hoping for a way out of the drug game, however as he attempts to plan an escape his attempts are thwarted by his antagonist in the film played by Walker. I watched an interview Jackson did with ET Online's Courtney Tezno in which he expressed that his approach to portraying this particular character was to give an unbiased performance by not watching the original film. Jackson also opted in embracing the image of Priest by being portrayed on screen with the straightened hair and "SuperFly" clothes just as O'Neal did in 1972 while adding his own twang in the form a slightly detectable yet undetectable (if you aren't paying attention) accent. This is the first film that I've seen Jackson play of this magnitude and I can say I am thoroughly impressed by his portrayal of O'Neal's classic character Priest. Walker also impressed me by playing a villainous role that made viewers want to jump through the screen and "throw hands". From the first moment the camera lands on him, I could tell he was about to be a problem and that he was going to nail his role as JuJu. If I analyzed the performance of every actor you'd be reading for the next few hours so I'll just say that everyone executed their roles, including the surprise roles of some of our favorite artist. It should also be noted that Future more than delivered on his production of the soundtrack giving viewers club bangers and tunes perfect for each moment of the film.  

My only critique of the film is the amount of cursing that was done from beginning to end, but I do understand that language is a personal preference. Would I let the amount of vulgar language stop me from watching again? No, Would I prefer that it contained a little less? Yes. I believe that you can make exceptional content no matter the plot without all the cursing. With that being said I would give SuperFly 8/10 because the wardrobe was on point, the actors were well directed and executed, the film had a nice plot and plot twist, and because of the quality of the film. This film is on my Must Watch list for the summer.

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