RKJ's Taste of the Museum of Fashion

I had the privilege of attending RKJ's taste of his upcoming Museum of Fashion show (the date of the official show is TBA) at the Green Elephant this past Sunday with my younger sister. I've only attended one of his events prior to this one, and it was AMAZING, so my expectations going into this event were definitely high. RKJ has a reputation for presenting his top-tier designs and events in ways that leave you wondering "how was he able to do that?". The vibe at his events are always right, his models are always on point, and the food is always stellar. 

The Venue

If you like the RBC in Deep Ellum then I think you'll absolutely love The Green Elephant in North Dallas. Ducked off on Dyer Street, there is no shortage of parking at The Green Elephant. When we walked into the venue we were greeted by a host and security where my ID was checked and we were let in. To the right of the venue were the stage and an expansive open area, with a long bar to the left, and a very large outdoor area to the rear of the building. I'm not sure how much drinks were because I only got water for my sister and I (we paid two bucks in total for water, with free refills if we kept the cups). My only complaint about the venue is that seating was limited and there was a little bit of water leaking in some areas. That complaint should be taken lightly though because there were reasons not under RKJ's control that caused his event to be held at The Green Elephant.

The Food

Food was provided by Bruh The Nature and Cookeith, a black-owned vegan catering duo. They had two types of made-to-order vegan quesadillas (in which I gladly tried both) and black corn chips and salsa. The first quesadilla I tried was Pinto Bean and Cashew Cheese, and I have to say it was pretty good. I'd never had cashew cheese before (I'd been meaning to try it) so I was pretty eager to try it, and I wasn't at all mad at the taste or consistency of the mix of pinto beans and cashew cheese. However, my favorite was definitely the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, it was seasoned to perfection and made my taste buds explode lol. It was refreshing to go to an event where the food options were more on the healthy side so I have to give RKJ a TEN for food.

The Event


This event has me anticipating the official Museum of Fashion event RKJ will be putting on in the upcoming months. CJ Battle who was both the DJ and a performer kept it super vibey between sets playing both throwbacks like Chris Brown's Poppin and current hits like Goldlinks Crew. There was a slew of performances from different artist with different aesthetics (I'll include a list of the performers below), a healthy mix of different people in the audience, a monologue performed by Lexy Monét, and a skit by Roué Vera, Karla Doñe, and Hailee Applewood. The monologue and the skit gave me an idea of what RKJ's vision is for his upcoming show. My favorite performers of the night were M3CCA who was giving black queen realness, Tre Ward who performed vibey music from his latest album Far From Paradise, and Rikki Blu who so eloquently told his story through his music. RKJ charismatically worked the venue with one of the designs from his F/W 18 Campaign while various models, and performing artist did the same.

After experiencing a taste of The Museum of Fashion I am more than anticipating the official event! Below is a list of the performers and six minute clip of the event.

Michael Taylor, Chyna Doll, Ceven Imperial, M3CCA, Sean Austin, Devy Stonez, Tre Ward, Rikki Blu, Krissy D, Jeantavus, Gallowayyys, Asia Kyree, CJ Battle, Ali Mozart

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