Netflix’s Seven Seconds

If you've yet to watch Seven Seconds on Netflix, no worries there are no spoilers here! I just want to say that this show is amazing! Seriously, I can only describe it as a thought provoking, gripping, tear jerking drama full of suspense. I binged for two days, completing the bulk of the show in one night, and even when the sun was beginning to peak through the windows and my eyes were heavy, I didn't want to turn it off. The storyline sucks you in within five minutes of it beginning and doesn't spit you back out until the last episode. 

This show tackles racism, misogyny, adultery, police misconduct, drug addiction, inequality, faith, gangs in the black community, the treatment of veterans, alcoholism, conflict within families, closeted homosexuality, white privilege, corruption, the criminal justice system and an assortment of other issues. The entire cast gave the performance of a lifetime, but Regina King. Regina King is a stellar actress who I believe does not get the credit she deserves! She acted her butt off y'all. I am anticipating a second season! 


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