Evan & Eris Seasons Album Review

I first introduced Evan and Eris to the blog in July 2018 as Artist to Watch. Evan and Eris are a Christian brother and sister duo who fuses r&b vibes with Christian/gospel music. Up until this point Evan and Eris had only released less than a handful of singles, each of which built anticipation of what their album would be like. At the beginning of February the duo took to their Instagram to announce that their first album titled Seasons would be released of February 22nd, 2019.

Evan and Eris’s Seasons is everything I thought it would be & more.

On February 22, 2018 Evan and Eris released their debut 10 track album Seasons on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, and iTunes. Pre-released singles You Know., Be Alright feat. Steven Malcolm, and Glory made it onto the album. Evan and Eris took to YouTube to explain the lyrics behind Seasons first track Dreams:

I think every creative or anyone who has ever prayed to God for something and has gotten it can relate to Dreams. The second song on the album People talks about how people have forgotten how to care for one another and how there is a disconnect that only God can heal. Bow Down which is easily one of my faves on the album talks about how anything that doesn’t match up with the Word of God has to Bow Down. Another favorite on the album is Die Daily, this song opens with Evan singing:

I live a different type of life

I walk by faith and not by sight

And you couldn’t tell but I just died

But I feel like I’ve never been so alive

I die daily

I die daily

I die daily

Die Daily is a testament, to how the Bible teaches us to die daily so that we can renew our minds and follow Jesus.

Evan and Eris’ debut album Seasons is a creative masterpiece. The quality of the production is impeccable, the way Evan and Eris compliment each other and are harmonious is like nothing I’ve heard from a duo before. Every time I listen to the album I hear something new and different. I love this album, and if this their first I am anxious and anticipating their next release.

As always, thanks so much for reading!