Artist to Watch:Drew Weeks

When I think of an “Artist to Watch” I think of someone who is crazy talented, in a way that you don’t expect and someone with a story. Drew Weeks embodies just that. This guy has pipes, when he opens his mouth and sound comes out all I can envision is angels up in Heaven dancing and applauding. 

His Story

What I love about Drew Weeks is that his voice is unexpected. When I first hit play on his latest album Long Overdue I didn’t know what to expect, then I quickly learned that his style of music was a fusion of R&B and Gospel, which appeals to a lot of people aren’t necessarily feeling “churchy” music. If you haven’t already implore you to give him a listen! You can stream his music on Apple and other streaming platforms.

Drews Weeks is definitely next up!

Check out some of his music here

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