Artist to Watch: NF

"I told y'all I'm a psycho, ain't no telling what I might do, the devil put his hands around my throat, so I cut him off, that's what you get for stepping on my toes... my career about takeoff flight mode"

If you ask me to quote a lyric from NF, that's the first one that comes to mind because it's the first bar he drops on one of my favorite songs "Destiny".

NF is the stage name for "Christian Rapper" and I use that term loosely and Michigan native Nate Feuerstein who is signed to Capitol Records. NF uses his music to tell his story of pain and the internal trials and tribulations he's faced in his life. When referred to as a "Christian Rapper" NF had this to say: 

If you’re a Christian and a plumber, are you a Christian Plumber?
— NF for Idolator

According to the biography done by, NF endured a childhood full of hardship in which he was a product of divorce, abuse at the hands of his mother's boyfriend, and his mother's drug abuse which eventually killed her. Music was the way that he escaped, it was God's gift to him, to express his pain and love for the King as NF described below. 

In 2015 NF released his debut album "Mansion", which reached number 62 on the Billboard 200. In 2016 he released his second album "Therapy Session" which topped the Rap Album charts and almost took him to the top ten. 

In 2017 NF dropped his third body of work "Perception" and topped the Billboard 200 for a week at Number One making him the best- selling musician in the country in both the Christian and Secular market. 

What makes NF an "Artist to watch" is the unfiltered rawness, that he gives to every piece of art he creates for his fans. He is real, and unfiltered about his emotions, his past, and how he feels about the rap game. I love God, and I love rap, NF gives me the best of both worlds, he gives me rhymes and reason at the same time. He's lyrically inclined, driven by faith, raw, honest, and killing the rap game.

Catch NF on tour right now, in a city near you! 


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