Queen Naija- EP

It's no secret that YouTube has been solely responsible for helping content creators reach viewers that they otherwise would have a significant amount of trouble reaching. Michigan native Queen Naija has used her platform to establish herself as an influencer and is now positioning herself as someone who could be next up in the R&B world. 

In her self titled debut Ep Queen Naija weaves listeners through a five-track journey of heartbreak and revenge on her opening track "Medicine" with smooth melodic lines like "how could you play me when the love I gave was real" and "I don't think you'll understand until I hit you where it hurts" before declaring "so when I turn into a savage boy don't ask me why".  To expressing to her ex-beaux that he no longer has to worry about her and that "what goes around comes around"  in "Karma". The EP takes a turn on Queen Naija's third song "Mama's Hand" where she confesses her love to her firstborn son which is sure to give you all the feels if you have children. Queen Naija ends her EP with "Butterflies" and "Bad Boy", both of which are love songs to her new beaux and new baby father. 

Queen Naija can definitely hold a note, however, I would need to hear her live without all of the mixing and mastering before I could in good faith say that she can really sing. With that being said, I still added the EP to my Apple Music because I actually like what she put out that's all that matters right? Queen Naija has a long way to go, but I am hopeful that this release is just the beginning for her. 

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