Is Orange Still the New Black? OITB Season 6 Review

Jenji Kohan and the writers of Orange is the New Black have done an amazing job season after season of giving viewers character development and plots that are not only entertaining but that also make us think long and hard about the prison conditions most women in America face. After the conclusion of season 5 which was the cliffhanger off all cliffhangers, I was wondering what could possibly happen next. In season 6, Kohan and cohorts dropped us off in Litchfield Max where new characters were introduced with an array of new issues such as beef between two blocks, Frieda being treacherous, Black Cindy being only loyal to herself, and Piper wanting leave her mark. However, the most pressing issue was Tasty being framed for the murder of Piscatella. Tasty being framed was by far the most interesting thing to happen in this season. If I am being completely honest which I am, I could've done without the rest of the plot that a lot of the other characters were given this season. I can appreciate OITB writers for tackling issues like drug addiction and abuse in prison, life as an ex-convict after prison, and corruption in the prison system but I think most of the plot was a bit lackluster. I can say that the cliffhanger this year with Blanca being told she was being released, when really she was being released to ICE peaked my interest.

I am trying to give OITB writers the benefit of the doubt and hope that this season was simply a segway into an even twistier plot next season. It took me two weeks to finish this season, which is not a norm because I usually binge watch the show in a span of two days. The only reason I would recommend watching this season is so that next season you aren't confused about who all the new characters are. 

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