Who is FeFe and did she find the Old Nicki?

6ixnine has released the visual for his new track/single produced by Murda Beatz featuring Nicki Minaj titled "FEFE" after teasing a snippet of the track earlier in June. (warning: explicit lyrics)

After watching the visual for this song I have to honestly say that I like the concept of the video, it kind of reminds me of Candy Land or Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory which is fitting because the theme is somewhat symbolic of the lyrics since they are explicitly talking about sex in some bars. This sound is way different from 6ix9ine usually gives his listeners and I have to say that I am not at all mad at it, I actually like the sound he's delivering. 6ix9ine is known for coming on his tracks extremely "hard' and loud almost yelling every single lyric he delivers so it's refreshing to hear him give listeners a more melodic sound. Nicki Minaj hops on the track way less animated than she normally does which is almost reminiscent of the Nicki we met when she was originally signed by Wayne before she introduced all the theatrics to her brand hopefully she does the same on her upcoming album.  I'm sure this song will be played quite often in the club for months to come. Hopefully, 6ix9ine will gauge the reactions to this track from listeners and drop a few more melodic tracks soon. This is definitely a sound that I like coming from him.

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