The First Purge

The Purge franchise is a twisted take on a time in which the "New Founding Fathers" of America begin to allow all crimes including murder to be legal for 12 hours each year, in an effort to "purge" people of all of their anger, hurt, and frustration to "make America a better place and to help lessen the crime rates". Since it's debut in 2013, lovers of the film including myself, have waited in anticipation each year to see what the franchise had to offer.  This year creator of The Purge, James Demonaco took moviegoers back in time to the first official purge experiment in an isolated low-income community in New York. This year the film starred "Superfly's" Lex Scott Davis, "Insecure" Y'lan Noel, "A Different Worlds" Marisa Tomei, BBC's Jovian Wade, "Dexters" Lauren Luna Vélez, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman's" Steve Harris, and many more talented actors. 

Each Purge has been heavy in symbolism and The First Purge is no different. The first symbolic scene to happen in the film is when Sociologist and Surveyors in the film begin to lure residents into participating in the experiment by offering monetary compensation, which of course is an offer that majority of low-income individuals would not turn down. One of the most symbolic moments in the movie for me, was when the orchestrators of the experiment came to the realization that low-income people of color were not the violent savages that many Americans and people in power paint them to be, causing them to have to intervene in the experiment to get the outcome they wanted. I found it ironic that white supremacist groups and mercenaries were used to help get the results that were desired especially since groups like these are thriving in present-day America, where they are allowed to "peacefully protest" as they spew their hatred. I saw the film with my dad and literally looked at him as the KKK in the film drove around with their hoods on murdering people of color and said: "I'm sure they would love for something like this to actually be legal". Once the plot climaxed it was pretty easy to decipher what the resolution would be. Nevertheless, The First Purge was still a really good film.

While I don't think that this was the best Purge in the franchise I do believe that it was heaviest in symbolism and I am very interested in what the limited series debuting in September on USA will have to offer. I also wonder if once the limited series is premiered will that be the end to the franchise or will it keep going and going with time like the Fast & Furious franchise? 




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