Lecrae x Zaytoven "Let the Trap Say Amen"

"When you love God and Trap Music"... That was the caption to the first promo video Lecrae dropped on his Instagram on May 22 of this year and instantly, I was ready for whatever he was going to release. I fell in love with his last album All Things Work Together released in 2017, playing it almost daily, because he was speaking truth to a number of hot-button issues so I honestly felt like whatever Lecrae planned on releasing next had to top its predecessor. I'd seen a few interviews Lecrae had done where he was discussing how he no longer refers to himself as a "gospel rapper" because why does he or anyone else who raps about Christ have to classify themselves in order for their work to be accepted, he's also been stating that we should "build bridges, not barriers", which is why I was elated when I found out this album would be in collaboration with Zaytoven who is known for making the Trap beats we hear on a lot of mainstream "secular" songs. Usually, when you hear "Zaytoven" before a beat drops you know the song is going to be a banger. Before releasing Let The Trap Say Amen, Lecrae and Zaytoven released a visual to the albums first single Get Back Right which in all honesty is the perfect intro track for the album. On this track, Lecrae is telling his listeners that he fell off and realized that models, expensive clothes, liquor, and excess money does nothing for his soul before warning listeners that they "should've worn a hard hat" because they are about to "get this work", Zaytoven can be heard at the end of the song saying "Zay and Lecrae, Kingdom Business, believe that, All gas no breaks, yeah, we going full force with it, believe that", speaking to the fact that they wouldn't be holding back on this album. 

"Let the Trap Say Amen" is comprised of tracks that are jam-packed with meaning delivered in a way that listeners would appreciate and in a way that those who have been turned off to "gospel rap" would accept. Waka Flocka Flame and Kso Jaynes join Lecrae on "2 Sides of the Game" delivering a powerful message about loyalty and the lack thereof in the dope game and how the "streets" don't love you, especially when you are shackled behind bars. Lecrae speaks of investing your profits instead of spending them on materialistic things as well as staying plugged into the Power Source on "Plugged In", on "Holy Water", Lecrae talks about walking by faith, not by sight and talks about men and women doing whatever it takes to get money so they can by houses and cars on "Blue Strips". Lecrae speaks on how with God anything is possible on "By Chance"  while confirming that he won't be giving up on his mission on "Yet". On "Switch"  which is one of my favorite songs on this album Lecrae talks about switching up your hustle and mindset in order to reach success. On each song, Lecrae delivers lyrically laced versus to Trap beats that are sure to make your head bob.

So far Lecrae has only released one visual but I honestly would like to see visuals for 2 Sides of the Game, Blue Strips, and Switch. "Let the Trap Say Amen"  is a refreshing and much needed collaborative album that will be in rotation the rest of this year and years to come. 

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