15 Must Watch Christmas Films

What’s your favorite part of Christmas preparations? Mine is finding the perfect Christmas Movie to watch while I snuggle under a cozy blanket by the fireplace and sip Hot Chocolate. If you’re stumped on what movies you should be watching this Christmas, I have you covered with these 15 fullproof films!

  1. Home Alone

    Home Alone is probably the first movie that comes to mind when 90’s babies think of Christmas films, which is why it tops my list at number. This is a #Classic film perfect for the Holidays.

  2. This Christmas

    This Christmas taught us the importantance of family no matter how jacked up they may be when it released in 2007. It instantly became a new age #Classic for black cinema which is why it’s number two on my list.

  3. The Christmas Chronicles

    This new comer to the Christmas Movie genre released on Netflix this year delivering us a Santa that doesn’t Ho Ho Ho and elves that are far from human. If you don’t believe in Santa watch The Christmas Chronicles and you will emerge a believer which is why it’s made it’s way to the top three must watch Christmas films of 2018.

  4. Love Actually

    Love Actually gives viewers numerous stories in one love and heartbreak filled Christmas film. Love Actually is sure to make you laugh and cry, and leave you with the notion that Christmas is much more than lavish gifts.

5.How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch for obvious reasons has to be on the list of Top 15 Christmas Movies to Watch In 2018. Released in 2000 this live action film was like no other. We hated The Grinch but also empathized with him and loved him all in one breathe. Not to mention the fact that the production on this film was ahead of its time. How The Grinch Stole Christmas is easily #Classic worthy.

6. The Best Man Holiday

The Best Man is forever a classic. After the films initial release in 1999, I don’t think anyone ever thought that there would be a sequel however in 2013 the writers thought to grace us with The Best Man Holiday. This film makes the list because although the plot is a bit tear jerking, it reminds viewers of the value of true friendship during the Holidays.

7. El Camino Christmas

El Camino Christmas was released as a Netflix original in December of 2017 and proved to be not your average Christmas movie. Rated MA, El Camino Christmas centers around a son looking for his long lost father while being hounded by a stupidly drunk sheriff. This film is funny and heartfelt all in one.

8. Almost Christmas

Almost Christmas is the sequel to the aforementioned This Christmas, however writers have given us a different cast and an almost similar plot. While this film just barely falls short of #Classic for me, it’s still witty and heartwarming and definitely worth watching this holiday season.

9. Mickey’s Magical Christmas

Mickey’s Magical Christmas is my ode to all of you with little ones. Josiah loves this film so I had no choice but to add it to the list.

10. The Perfect Holiday

The Perfect Holiday is a fun and heart felt Christmas film starring two of my faves, Morris Chestnut and Gabriel Union. The Perfect Holiday gives viewers hope of magical love and all the happiness one could ever ask for, putting it at number ten on the list.

11 & 12. A Christmas Prince & A Christmas Prince Royal Wedding

A Christmas Prince was the perfect holiday romance film last year, introducing a smart and savvy writer who was on assignment in a Princes kingdom, when the pair fell in love. This year Netflix gave us the much awaited sequel to last years holiday hit A Christmas Prince, and I am so glad they did. Keeping true to the plot and the promotion of womanism our Queen in waiting was still a business savvy boss, who helped keep her new Kingdom out of crisis and spread Christmas cheer to all.

13. You Can’t Fight Christmas

This film follows a hotel decorator as she fights to keep the Christmas spirit alive, while the heir to the hotel is focused on mainstreaming and monetizeing the historic hotel. You Can’t Fight Christmas gives viewers plotting, witty humor, love, and Christmas cheer all packed into this beautifully written film.

14. The Holiday Calendar

Simply put, I LOVE The Holiday Calendar. Netflix is on a roll with their originals. This movie shares with viewers the true magic and romance of Christmas, which is why it had to be on the list. The Holiday Calendar is easily one of my fave releases this year.

15. The Princess Switch

I remember watching The Parent Trap as a young girl and thinking “wow, Lindsey Lohan has a twin? How cool”. Imagine my dismay when I learned that wasn’t the case, thankfully I already knew that Vanessa Hudgens didn’t have a twin when watching The Princess Switch. The movie is shot so well, that you would think she did. This movie gives viewers heart racing mystery and romance, making it perfect for the holidays.

I hope you enjoyed this list! What’s your fave Christmas film?

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