Ozark Season 2 Review

I was told to watch “Ozark” earlier this year by friend to the blog Jeff Adair during our interview and it’s one of the best decisions I could’ve made.

Season two drops viewers into the aftermath of Mrs.Snell killing a cartel member, Marty trying to get his casino up so that he can save his family from the cartel, and Ruth dealing with the guilt of killing her uncles and her father being imprisoned.

This season of Ozark did an excellent job of pushing viewers deeper into the twisted dark story of what happens when your best-friend and business partner steals money from the cartel, gets himself killed, and forces you to clean the cartels money in another state putting your family’s life at risk. Each character found themselves battling with their humanity causing them to make decisions that would forever change them.

I love how gritty and dark this show is. The writers are not afraid  to kill characters off which completely sidetracks viewers and throws the plot for a loop. 

Ozark is definitely binge worthy.