Nappily Ever After Review

 “Nappily Ever After” is everything I never knew I needed.  

Starring Sanaa Lathan, Nappily Ever After tells the story of “picture perfect” Violet who was groomed to think that she had to be perfect and that her hair needed to be tamed in order for her to be acceptable, that was until her perfect boyfriend who was suppose to propose to her gave her a puppy instead and her hair was damaged from a perm. This chain of events causes her to switch her hair up in hopes that should would discover who she was, before finally shaving it all off on a drunken night. In the end Violet begins to love her herself and her hair for who she is.

What I love about this Netflix original is that, it tells the story of the struggle many African American women have with our hair and how society has conditioned us to believe that in order to be accepted our hair must first be “tamed”, our kinks and coils are “unprofessional”, and that we need to be “groomed”

My only complaints about the film, are that although I love Sanna Lathan and the commitment she had to this character by actually cutting her hair, I think that her playing this character played into the whole “light skin, good hair” stigma so I would’ve liked to see someone like Lupita, darker skin and coarser hair playing this part. Also I hate the way it ended, the ending felt incomplete.

All in all, I’d watch it again and have added Nappily Ever After to my playlist and you should too!