Winter Beauty Haul: My Favorite YouTuber Collaborations This Season

  Oh how I love a good beauty haul! Especially when it includes some of my favorite YouTube beauty influencers. I was able to get my hands on all but one of the YouTuber collaborations this winter season. I missed out on the Alissa Ashley x Elf lip-gloss collaboration, hopefully I can get my hands on it when/if they restock. I'll keep my chatter to a minimum and get right into the products I was able to snag during my Winter Beauty Haul!


Artist Couture x Jackie Aina | Diamond Glow Powders in shades LaPeach & LaBronze $28 each

Have you ever been to Highlighter Heaven? I promise I went there when I saw YouTube Beauty Vlogger Jackie Aina demo her LaPeach and LaBronze Diamond Glow Powders ... I just jumped on the Jackie Aina train last October so I completely missed her first launch with Artist Couture in which she released her first Diamond Glow Powder "LaBronze" ... I DEFINITELY was not going to miss this launch. I was actually fortunate enough to be able to pre-order both powders (however I made the foolish mistake of ordering them separately instead of getting the bundle that comes with the cutest rose gold makeup bag-like seriously Nikki? ugh! and now the bags are all sold out unless you get the bundle so I can't order it lol). I ordered the powders when Artist Couture did the 3 day opportunity to preorder (I think it was 3 days ... right after Thanksgiving) & the powders shipped the day after Christmas,  I received them a week later, and let me just tell you they are EVERYTHING! I've never used a loose powder highlighter before and I was pretty skeptical because I don't want to drop them and lose product (after all I spent my coins to wear the product not for the floor or counter top to wear it), but I don't have to worry about that problem at all, because the packaging makes dropping highlighter everywhere pretty impossible.

LaBronze is packed with rose gold and copper pigment and is the perfect highlighter for medium and deeper skin tones (in my opinion, the site lists it as suitable for all skin tones)! It's also vegan and cruelty free. LaPeach is LaBronze's bossy little sister, packed with peach and champagne pigment it gives a subtle yet absolutely stunning glow. When I first wore LaPeach I fell in love, I literally kept applying more and more because it's simply beautiful. It's a light but iridescent highlight perfect for all skin tones! LaPeach is cruelty free but not vegan. Both highlighters can be used on the face to highlight, as well the eyes, lips, and body. All in all I love both of the highlighters. They each hold a special place in my heart and my makeup drawer, because of their beautiful pigment and multi-use capabilities.

I'd never used any Artist Couture products prior to this purchase but now I might just be a fan of the brand! Originally an ecommerce store created by celebrity make up artist Angel Merino,  Artist Couture is now available at select Sephora's and Sephora online! BUT the Jackie Aina collaboration is exclusively found on the Artist Couture website. This collab is definitely one of my favorite collabs this winter season and so worth every penny and the double shipping fee I paid lol.


BHCosmetics x ItsMyRayeRaye | Eyeshadow, Highlighter, & Contour Palette $22.50

I have a confession to make ... I almost got rid of all my other palettes when I got this one ...okay ... I didn't almost get rid of all my palettes but this one is so good that I could have! The BHCosmetics x  ItsMyRayeRaye collaboration shook the table ... seriously, it changed my entire outlook on affordable eyeshadow palettes. BHCosmetics also released a beautiful pink and rose gold nine piece brush set to accompany the ItsMyRayeRaye palette, which was right up my alley because I was in need of a brush set that included brushes for both the face and eyes that are also multifunctional. The brushes are still available for purchase on the BHCosmetics website (I've yet to see them in stores or online anywhere else) and the palette is available at certain Ulta stores and Ulta online.

Not only does it have 15 eyeshadows but it also has 3 highlighters and not one, not two, but three contour shades that are suitable for light to deep skin tones. The eyeshadows range from shimmering colors to transition and lid colors each of which are extremely pigmented both in the pan and on the eye. I'm just now starting to actually use eyeshadows so this palette is perfect and beginner friendly! The shadows blend seamlessly and have little to know fall out. I barely have to dip my brush in the pan for product to transfer to the brush.  What I love about this palette is that it has everything I need for a look, it's compact making it perfect for traveling and I can get multiple looks out of it from a sultry smokey eye to a fun and flirty look. "Brownie Bite", the darkest contour shade is EXTREMELY PIGMENTED! Y'all, seriously ... I learned quick to gently touch my contour brush into the pan. The three highlighters in the palette are super pretty as well, they will have you beaming for sure.

This palette will definitely be in my go to pile for a while ... now that I think of it, I may need to get another one for back up just in case they stop making them! It's that good! I'm so so so glad I bought this as a part of winter beauty haul! 

Update 2.21: The ItsMyRayeRaye palette will be available on the BHCosmetics site again on February 23rd 2018 10 a.m. pst.


EyLure x Jasmine Brown | Jaylee & CurlyQueen Eyelashes $7.99

Okay y'all, I have to be real with you ... sometimes I'm lazy and don't always feel like going through the process of putting on lashes. Unless my face is BEAT and I mean B.E.A.T! I usually reach for my Tarte "Goddess" lashes or my array of Sephora Luxe lashes, those are honestly my go to brands for lashes. I literally stick to my old faithfuls lol, so I really went out of my way to get and try the EyLure x Jasmine Brown collaboration, which I couldn't find at any of the three Ulta's I went to but I could however find at Target. So far my thoughts on the lashes are ( I've only worn the curlyqueen lashes as of yet) that they are definitely "feather light" as the package suggests and the bands are really thin (which is a matter of preference, I was fine the lash band). I don't dislike the lashes ... but I don't love them YET either. 

Like I said I'm really use to wearing only two brands of lash strips so it's incredibly hard for me to fall in love with these lashes. I think they are super pretty and like both the flare and spikiness that each of the lash has. I like the effects they have on the eyes and the fact that EyLure gave us a simple and possible everyday lash as well as a bolder more dramatic lash with this collaboration. The two things I have to get use to with these lashes are #1  they aren't my go to's so I have to push aside my preference and biasness and #2 they are just a tad long to me ... but my slight issue with the length could be due to my bias, so I'll give each of the lashes a few more tries and add an update to this review. 

Update 2/25: I tried the Curlyqueen lashes again and I have to say they are of good quality however they are a bit too long for my liking.  

Have you tried any of the products I listed? What are your favorite YouTuber collaborations?

Peace & Blessings


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