Sugar My Cookie

So I finally did it!

By it, I mean I finally got sugared for the first time. Getting sugared has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now because frankly I am over shaving, and my skin is too sensitive to get waxed. Also freshly wax v-jay pictures honestly make me cringe. I don’t understand why they are always so shiny.

Sugaring is said to be healthier than waxing because it’s all natural: the sugar mixture is made of sugar, lemon juice, and water. The mixture only attaches to your dead skin cells not the live skin cells which makes it less painful and less irritating. It’s also pulled in the direction the hair grows not in the opposite direction which stops breakage and helps eliminate ingrown hairs. It still hurts the same the first time for sure but as you continue to get sugared it hurts less and your hairs begin to grow more sporadically and they get silkier.


My Experience

Is Sugaring painful? Yes. But I think pain is to be expected when getting hair removed from the body. The entire process took maybe 20 minutes, my sugarist LeLe who is also the owner of Sugar My Cookie is extremely knowledgeable and works quickly and efficiently. While getting sugared I did get a little hot but she had a fan on to help me to stay cool. Despite the pain, I have every intention on continuing to get sugared.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Check out the vlog below!