Milk Makeup Blur+Set Powder

I received the Milk Makeup Blur+Set Matte Loose Setting Powder in the shade deep, complimentary, thanks to Influenster. For me, no makeup look is really complete without setting powder that blurs my skin leaving it free of imperfections while also setting my makeup in place to help my makeup last all day. The question at hand is does this powder do that? Well, according to Milk Makeup, the Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder blurs thanks to "powder-filled blurring microspheres [that] blur pores, imperfections, fine lines, cut shine, not glow, for a soft-focus effect", it sets "Thirty-one percent lighter than most setting powders to lock in makeup all day, without adding heavy cakiness. The talc-free, silicone-free formula won't cause a chalky cast or flashback", and smooths "Avocado powder and hyaluronic acid combine for smooth skin that allows powder to lay without settling into fine lines". This product is also cruelty-free, talc free, and vegan and retails for $29 USD. Now that we have the details, let's get into my thoughts on:

Packaging  + Shade Range 


I love the packaging for this powder. I’ve noticed that a lot of brands have been including the mesh net that helps you to not use excess product and to not spill product when trying to apply it to your face. Which I personally think is very important and very necessary because I hate spilling powder everywhere!

I was sent the deep translucent powder. It’s my understanding that there are two other shades in this powder, which I think can honestly be expanded on, especially after the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder release. Initially I thought that this powder would be too dark to use under eye so I was going to use to set my entire face in place of my Sephora Microsmooth powder in the shade Mahogany but after swatching the two I realized that the Milk Makeup Powder was a little more grey/ashy than my Sephora Powder so I used my Milk Makeup Powder under eye to bring color back to my skin. 


Finish & Final Thoughts 



I love the finish of this powder, it's light, and doesn't leave me feeling too dry under eye or cakey. It left my makeup flawless and it melts right into the skin. My only complaint is that I think the shade range is lacking a bit. Other than that I'd recommend anyone on the market for a new setting powder to give the Milk Makeup Blur+Set Matte Loose Setting Powder a try.

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